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Road Safety & Vision

Vision is an important aspect of road safety for your own well-being and for that of other road users. The vision standard for ordinary drivers is defined as the ability to read in good light (with the aid of glasses or contact lenses if necessary) a car registration plate at a distance of 67 feet or 20.5 metres.

The distance for number plates issued after 1st September 2001 is 20 metres. It is recommended that you have your eyes tested at least every two years to ensure you meet the standards. Failure to meet these standards will invalidate your car insurance and result in criminal prosecution so it's always better to be safe than sorry!

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Good vision is so important for road safety that special lenses are now available for use when driving.  Anti-reflective coatings can reduce reflections by up to 90% when driving at night compared to lenses with a standard hard coating.  For varifocal wearers, the Varilux RoadPilot lens is designed to optimise the fields of vision needed for driving, such as the distance vision zone for the road ahead and intermediate vision zone for checking the dashboard and dials.  If you drive regularly, it's really worth considering a lens which is designed specifically for this purpose.

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