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Saagar Hirani of Edmonds and Slatter Opticians is backing this year’s National Glaucoma Awareness Week and urging Blaby residents not to let glaucoma darken their life, by ensuring they have regular eye examinations, including an optomap® Retinal Scan.

This year’s, National Glaucoma Awareness Week (11th-17th June 2012) theme is “Glaucoma: The Thief of Sight.” Glaucoma is often known as the thief of sight because it typically steals a person’s vision without them noticing. When symptoms do become noticeable, it's usually only when significant loss of vision has occurred.

Alarmingly, around 250,000 people in England and Wales suffer from Glaucoma without being aware that they are slowly losing their sight. In the UK alone, around 95 per cent of those diagnosed early with glaucoma will retain useful sight for life.*

An optomap is the latest in eye care technology. It is the only device currently available on the market that provides an ultra-wide 82% view of the retina (the back of the eye) in one image. Most high street chains only photograph up to 15% of the retina so they can miss the all-important peripheral signs for successful diagnosis of both eye and non-eye related conditions and diseases.


Mr Hirani comments: "Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can cause damage to the eye’s optic nerve, resulting in vision loss and permanent blindness if left untreated. Sadly, many patients do not experience any warning signs or symptoms which is why glaucoma is often described as the ‘silent blinding disease’. Early detection is essential to help protect patients’ loss of sight and that’s why we recommend regular eye examinations with the optomap.”

"The optomap provides eye professionals with enhanced clinical information that is invaluable when diagnosing and monitoring diseases such as glaucoma. The scans also offer additional health assurances for the patient as we can keep a permanent and accurate digital record of customers’ retinal images so that any changes can be compared year-on-year.”

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