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After all the Olympics coverage your child may now well be inspired to take up a new sport!

When your child is a sports player who need spectacles, parents often find themselves torn between letting their child wear their glasses so they can see what they are doing or making them remove their glasses so they don’t cause injury to themselves or damage their glasses.

There is now a much wider range of sports specific spectacles available for children that would solve this dilemma. Contact lenses are also an option suitable for youngsters especially in the daily disposable format or even a second pair of basic plastic framed spectacles for football use only, fitted with a sports band.

The Association of British Dispensing Opticians has recently produced a very informative leaflet covering all aspects of “Children’s eye protection in football”. It contains information for parents, referees and coaches. If you would like a free copy of this leaflet please visit any of our practices at Blaby (0116 277 7733), Glenfield (0116 2871025) or Lutterworth (01455 556053) or contact us and we would be happy to post one out to you.