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optomapWe have been using the Scottish firm Optos’ patented ultra-widefield digital scanning laser technology for the last eleven years now at Edmonds & Slatter Opticians in the form of Optomap® retinal imaging.

This has allowed us to detect, diagnose and manage any eye or general health problems that may first present in the periphery of the retina. These conditions could otherwise go undetected using traditional examination techniques or equipment. 

We have recently received the newest addition to the Optos® family of retinal cameras which is called the Daytona. It is much smaller than the previous models however it is more accurate and detailed than ever before allowing us to capture single ultra-high resolution images of up to 82% or 200 degrees of the retina without dilating the pupils; compared with a 45 degree image which would be captured with other cameras.
This all happens in under a second and in complete comfort.
We also now have the facility to see auto-fluorescence or white spots on the retina which can show areas of dying retinal cells that would not be seen with the naked eye or previous generations of Optomap®. Any areas of hyper-fluorescence or white spots would confirm that a material called Lipofuscin is present within the retina which is a by-product of retinal disease or cell death. This can only be seen in practice with the Daytona.
All images are immediately available to view in the consulting room during your eye examination and are stored electronically for future comparisons.

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