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jo colouringAs you think about preparing for your child’s return to school, sorting out uniforms, stationary and lunch boxes, have you considered making sure that their eyes are also ready? Edmonds & Slatter opticians are encouraging all local parents to have their children’s eyes checked during the month of August before they return to school.

When many parents were at school they had their vision screened by the school nurse and often assume that this still happens with their own children. Parents are often unaware that within Leicestershire there are NO vision checks or eye screening services of any kind currently offered within the schools system.

This makes including a sight test in your ‘back to school’ routine all the more important and is a great way to ensure that your child’s vision is not forgotten about. Many people are also unaware that the NHS offers free standard eye tests to all children under the age of 16 and all full-time students under the age of 19. For a small fee you can also include Optomap Digital retinal screening within your child’s eye examination.

Regular eye examinations are important for your child’s healthcare and personal development. If children have poor vision, they will find it difficult to learn at school as well as enjoy everyday childhood activities. If detected early, many problems can be easily corrected, usually with glasses and conditions such as a squint or “lazy eyes” need not become lifelong problems.
There are a number of tell-tale signs that your child may be experiencing problems with their vision.

Typical warning signs are:
Bumping into objects
Headaches and tendency to rub eyes frequently
Poor performance with school work
Peering closely at books and TV
Red, sore or irritated eyes

Children may not recognize that they have a visual defect and it’s also easy for parents to think there is nothing wrong with their child’s eyesight, not realizing that vision can change quickly as young eyes develop.  20% of students starting their reception year have been found to have an undiagnosed vision problem. That’s why annual eye examinations are so important for all children.

•    Children do not need to be able to read to have a sight test. Picture-based tests can be used instead.
•    The NHS offers financial help towards the cost of glasses for all children.
•    Over 90% of children visit a dentist regularly, whilst only 53% of children have ever had an eye examination.
•    A Sight Test can give every child the ability to see clearly, learn effectively and develop normally.

If your child does need glasses, you will receive a contribution from the NHS towards the cost and be able to choose from a wide range of spectacles especially designed for children’s faces.

Why not take part in Edmond & Slatter’s awareness campaign by having your child’s eyes examined this August? To book an appointment please contact Edmonds & Slatter at any of their three practices on: Blaby 0116 2777733, Lutterworth 01455 556053, Glenfield 0116 2871025

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