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Hearing aids are fitted to people needing audio enhancement but has anyone checked if your hearing aid is going to be suitable for your lifestyle? You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first. Why should your hearing aids be any different?  It’s not as simple as just increasing the volume, there are many different sound and noise environments to consider. Edmonds and Slatter Opticians in conjunction with Hear 4U are currently offering free hearing assessments with a new concept in hearing technology that will enable you to discover the best that your hearing can be.

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Edmonds and Slatter Opticians are able to offer a unique program that lets you try out hearing aids for free, in your daily life, so you can make a confident decision. The “Log It All” feature automatically keeps track of how the hearing aids are performing across various listening environments including four different conversation environments and additional general situations such as listening to music.
In order for your audio map to be created, discovering your exact needs, you will need to wear a pair of the latest Unitron hearing instruments on a free trial basis for a couple of weeks. This allows the instruments to record your Personal Soundscape and show how they respond to your actual listening environments. It is then possible to identify the most appropriate level of hearing technology for you and your lifestyle!
You will have a record of how the Flex Trial hearing aids performed in all of the listening environments where you spent time during your trial. After your two week trial period is over, you review this information together with the audiologist to get a truly accurate picture of your acoustical lifestyle. By making decisions based on evidence collected from your actual experiences, you end up with a hearing aid that is customized just for your lifestyle.

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There is no waiting with Flex Trial. You wear the hearing aids home from your very first appointment with instructions to try them in all of the listening environments where you typically spend time. There is no deposit to put down and no obligation to purchase after the trial. You simply try the hearing aids out for a period of time and then together with Hear 4U, decide which ones, if any, are right for you, ensuring you do not purchase more technology than you will actually need or use.

Hearing loss raises enough questions without having to worry about how to choose the right hearing aids. The Flex Trial not only lets you experience the benefits of amplification in your daily life, it provides the hard evidence you need to choose a hearing aid that is customized to perform for you, wherever you go and whatever you do.

Edmonds and Slatter Opticians are pleased to be able to offer their patients the chance to experience this new ground-breaking technology. The first step is to book an appointment for a hearing consultation by calling your nearest practice in either Blaby, Glenfield or Lutterworth.

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