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You spent ages trying on frames to find the perfect one, you carefully selected your lenses and you're thrilled with your new glasses when you collect them from the optician.  Shiny, clean and perfect you wear them with pride. A few weeks later they're looking tired, scuffed and a little bit bent!  Does this sound like you? 

If so, read on.  These common mistakes could be damaging your specs, so find out how you can avoid them...

  1. Laying your glasses lens down on a surface.

It might sound obvious but resting your glasses lens down is asking for trouble. Over time the lenses will become scratched, particularly if they are made of a plastic material which is softer than glass. Ideally your spectacles should be folded and kept in their case when not in use. Most cases are designed with a special lining which will not scratch your lenses on contact.

  1. Using one hand to take them on and off.

It’s a habit that many of us get in to, but taking your glasses off with one hand can distort the frame so that it bends out of shape. After a while the side might even fall off! Instead, carefully lift your glasses on and off using both hands, with one on each side of the frame.

  1. Cleaning your glasses with your clothing.

Admit it, we have all done this before! But unless your clothing is 100% cotton and free of debris, you are risking scratches to your lenses. Try to get into a routine of keeping a soft cleaning cloth or a microfibre cloth to hand to wipe your lenses with. Often this is all it takes to remove smears, but if you need to use a cleaning spray make sure you only use those formulated for use with spectacles. Household glass cleaners can damage the special coatings on your lenses.

  1. Putting your glasses on top of your head. 

A common mistake where sunglasses are concerned, this can lead to a twisted frame with splayed sides. Over time, you may find that the frame no longer fits and keeps falling off your face.

If your glasses are already out of shape, pop in to see your optician as adjustments could be made to improve the fit. But remember, the results will only last as long as you look after them!

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