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Hearing Clinic

2014 09 18 3 Consultant Approved Hear4UThere are lots of stresses on the modern ear; mobile phones, personal stereos, loud music concerts and noisy power tools to name but a few. Exposure to these daily sounds can damage our hearing without people realising it. Hearing loss is common and will become even more so in the future as a result of our modern lifestyles and aging population. We offer a complimentary hearing consultation including audiometric testing and a thorough otoscopic examination with our partners Hear 4U.

The appointment will test to see whether there is a loss of hearing and if so, whether it’s medically treatable. If it is treatable, you may be referred to a medical specialist. Where appropriate the audiologist may also demonstrate the use of hearing aids, however these will only be recommended when medical correction is not a suitable option. Hear 4U also offer a safe, comfortable and instant ear wax removal service.

The first step is to book your free, no obligation consultation to determine the extent of the problem. To book or for more information, please call your local Edmonds and Slatter practice.