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Myopia Management

Myopia is very common and occurs when there is something different about the shape of your eyeball, cornea, or lens, causing objects in the distance to appear blurred or out of focus. Being short-sighted (or near-sighted as they say in America) is another name for Myopia.

Myopia is most often caused by an eye that’s too long, where the distance between the cornea and the retina (the front and the back) is too great. Someone who is myopic has difficulty seeing things far away because the image is formed in front of the retina. However, they see well close-up. The more a person is myopic, the closer they need to get to an object to see it clearly.

As well as blurred vision myopia also increases the likelihood of eye conditions later in life such as glaucoma, cataracts and retinal detachment if not addressed.


Myopia affects around 1 in 3 people in the UK. A recent increase in younger sufferers is most likely due to the fact that a lack of outdoor activities and intensive screen use may accentuate it. The more myopic a person is, the thicker and heavier their glasses become. Spectacle lenses can be made with thinner materials but this is a costly process. A new contact lens is now available with the aim of treating the myopia early, slowing its progression, reducing the potential of developing future eye health issues.


MiSight 1 day are daily disposable contact lens with ActivControl myopia management technology.  They are as easy to wear as any soft contact lens. A simple convenient myopia management therapy compared with existing alternative treatment options.

The lenses are designed to slow the progression of Myopia. They are made from a soft comfortable material. The contact lens has rings of different prescription strength placed invisibly within it. These treatment and correction zones, as they are known, cause the eye to re-focus helping to reduce the rate of progression of myopia.


Being a daily disposable lens makes them much more hygienic for the younger wearer as there are no cleaning routine concerns and each day starts with a fresh pair giving minimal chance of eye infection.

The fitting and supply of contact lenses and spectacles to those under 16 is strictly regulated and only permitted by a registered optometrist, contact lens optician or specialist. Our Optometrists have completed additional training and are all approved MiSight lens fitters.

If you think your child may be short-sighted, please ask one of our Opticians for more advice at their next sight test. We are able to consider children from the age of 8 For Misight fitting appointments. MiSight lenses are available on a direct debit plan and, if suitable, we are able to offer a free fitting and trial appointment for them after completion of a full sight test.

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