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Special Offers

Don’t settle for just one pair...

Buy one pair of reflection free lenses and get another half price. With every purchase of spectacles featuring reflection free lenses, we are offering a huge 50% discount off a second pair of reflection free lenses.

Reflection Free

About Crizal UV, our premium reflection free lenses:

Lenses should be simple, protective, and enhancing. People lead different lives, and your vision is impacted differently by various activities - even by work, socialising and family time. Essilor's drive to give you the clearest of vision whilst staying protected is what inspired their most advanced anti-reflective lens, Crizal UV.

Crizal UV offers unrivalled levels of durability, water repellence, dust repellence, smudge resistance and scratch resistance. Cleaning your lenses is a whole lot easier too.


Essilor's scientific engineering provides a lens which resists smudges, dust, scratches, glare and repels water. Crizal UV also introduces the ground-breaking Prevencia technologies, including protection against bad blue-violet light.

Terms and conditions apply. Lenses must be to the same prescription and both pair must be ordered at the same time.

For a limited period only. For more information about this offer, please contact your local practice.